There are many aspects to child development - problems, activities, progress and achievements. This page is an attempt to highlight these child development efforts and provide links to such information.




The copyright owners (to whom the links redirect) for such information are noted in parenthesis.

Child Related Statistics: At a glance: India - Statistics (UNICEF)

Child Rights: Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNICEF)

Rights of the Child in India: Rights of the Child (Embassy of India)

Child Labor: Statement on Child Labor (Embassy of India, Washington, DC)

Bonded Child Labor in India: The Small Hands of Slavery (Human Rights Watch)

Elimination of Child Labor: ILO Programme on the Elimination of Child Labor (ILO)

Solving the Problem of Illiteracy in Indian Villages: Empowering the underpriviledged through education (Literate India)

Use of Media in Educating Children: Giving the gift of Education (Sutradhar)