Vibha Beneficiary Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contribute to any project?

You can only contribute to a project in the Vibha Beneficiary Program projects list. Projects in the program have already met our rigorous selection criteria and will be monitored periodically. They have been assured funding for the whole year.

What will I get in return as a Vibha Beneficiary Program donor?

Project evaluation/selection/monitoring is taken care of by us. As a Vibha Beneficiary Program donor you will receive periodic progress reports about the project and the project will be informed about your donation. You will also be acknowledged on Vibha's website. You will also get the facility to interact directly with the project giving you a first hand experience.

What are the advantages to Vibha?

Vibha is assured of project funding for selected projects. It is one of the most efficient mechanisms to raise funds for projects in terms of overhead and volunteer resources.

Help Them Grow: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Help Them Grow (HTG) Automated Donation?

Help Them Grow (HTG), a Vibha program, provides an easy way to link donors with the Vibha mission. The program's primary aim is to make the individual donor understand the significant positive impact that his/her support can make in the lives of underprivileged children through the various Vibha projects, by their regular and sustained support to Vibha.

How is my contribution to Vibha through the HTG program spent?

Your contribution will be directed towards Vibha supported projects in India that seek to restore deprived children their lost childhood. Your donation is directed towards overall development of children who need it. Vibha provides financial and non-financial support to child development initiatives in India and in US and to individuals and organizations working with vulnerable children and women. Your support enables Vibha projects to provide food, shelter, education, health care, and vocational training for needy children. Projects also run income generation and community empowerment programs. More information on this is available on our projects page.

Can I sponsor a specific child? Can I personally correspond with the child and get reports on the child?

Vibha deeply respects the sentiments of donors who wish to have a direct relationship with the child being helped through their donation. But Vibha does not promote such direct contact for the following reasons:

  • Vibha believes that every child should have an equal opportunity and right to learn, grow, and be healthy. In direct sponsorship, we would go against this belief and actually discriminate between the children with a sponsor and those without.
  • Research reveals that associating children with donors can create a situation amongst children where one child receives expensive gifts from the sponsor whereas the others do not. Then often due to unforeseen reasons, if the sponsor discontinues support, the child is suddenly left without a sponsor.
  • Most importantly, Vibha believes that every child is entitled to certain natural rights - food, shelter, health, education, and emotional/physical security. It is our collective responsibility to restore to the deprived children these basic rights that are rightfully theirs. Therefore, we should not put the children in a position where they feel that they owe their well-being to an individual sponsor. Vibha wishes to avoid the feeling of obligation that comes naturally with the usual "Adopt A Child" programs.
  • Apart from the philosophical aspect, it is worth mentioning that in cases where the donor-child relationship is maintained, the administrative expenses involved amount to a high percentage of your monthly donation, and only about half of the money reaches the child.
  • Your donations are disbursed in a well planned manner to projects that seek to promote overall development of disadvantaged children. With your help, these projects ensure that thousands of children enjoy a sense of personal pride and dignity.

How much of an impact does my contribution make?

Your contribution will provide Vibha with steady and sustained revenue which will help us support programs for children year after year. Every small contribution goes a long way. Here are some examples of how your money can make a difference:

A monthly contribution of:

* $100 funds a teacher's salary.
* $75 funds a non-formal education center attended by 25 children
* $30 funds education and healthcare of a mentally challenged child
* $20 funds the education, healthcare and shelter for a child

Sign up for this program and make a difference to needy children in the months and years to come.

What are the ways that I can donate to Vibha?

You can donate through the following ways:

  • Help Them Grow (HTG) Automatic Donation Program - a fixed amount as specified by you is deducted every month from your bank account. You can donate any amount of your choice. Your donation can make a huge difference. Please see above for some examples.
  • Stocks and Shares
  • Checks - Mail or Online
  • Credit or Debit Cards - Mail or Online
  • Material donations - Please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out if Vibha is accepting material donations at this time and how you can participate

Can I make an annual donation through the Help Them Grow Program?

Once you register for the program with an annual donation, we will send you reminders every November.

Can I have a monthly deduction from my credit card?

Yes, but we would request you to consider signing up for the HTG where an amount of your choice is automatically donated from your checking account every month as the fees associated with deductions from a checking account are significantly lower than those associated with a Credit Card account.

Is my donation to Vibha tax deductible?

All donations made to Vibha are tax exempt in USA, and Vibha will provide you a receipt for the same (for online donations these receipts are emailed immediately). In case of the Help Them Grow Automatic Donation Program, you will be sent a receipt in January of every year for your total donation for the previous year. Please notify us of any change in address/e-mail address by sending us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Can I match funds from my company when I donate through HTG?

Yes. If your company matches funds, fill up the matching form for the total amount you have contributed that year and mail it to the postal address given below or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1030 E. El Camino Real #424
CA 94087

Can I make material donations of clothes, books, etc.?

Currently, we do not undertake the collection of materials from USA and shipping them to India for distribution to children in need. This is primarily due to the logistics as well as costs involved in the collection, storage and transportation of these materials to India as well as administrative hurdles like customs clearance.

Whom do I contact for information on HTG?