Get Involved

You can volunteer with your local Action Center and help with their activities or be a member of any one of our National Teams.

You can donate your professional skills – we are constantly in need of specialized skills in various professional areas including Public Relations/Marketing, Financial Accounting, Project Evaluation and Selection, Graphic Design, Web design and Programming, Software Development, Publishing, and Legal.

Local Action Centers drive the creative effort on the type of activities that are organized annually. Action Centers raise awareness and funds for Vibha's mission by organizing community events like Concerts, Bowlathon, Competitions, and several Kids Focused Activities as well as group volunteering efforts at Soup Kitchens, Hospital visits, Art Projects for Local Children. Vibha Walk/Run is an annual effort and was held in 2005 in 6 cities. In 2006 it will be held in 7 cities. In addition to raising funds and awareness, Action Centers also get involved in project evaluation and selection.

All the above efforts are implemented by Vibha volunteers. Volunteers also spearhead the administrative aspect of their Action Centers in terms of maintaining the budget, website and participating, communicating and sharing knowledge and ideas with other Action Centers and the National Teams.

Vibha's family of volunteers meets regularly in-person or via conference call.

So what are you waiting for? Make a Difference by contacting us through the SIGN UP page.

If you are interested in applying for project funding read the Project Application page.

For a brief overview of Vibha and some of the projects that we support, please view this presentation.

View the Oct 2014 All Hands Call presentation.